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Dental IT

Computer Services for Dentists

Dentist or Engineer?

You spent all those years in Dental School.  You spend everyday since then perfecting your skills.  So why are you doing IT work?

Phoenix Systems has been providing Dental IT support to the Mid-Atlantic region since 1998.  Our services have been recognized and awarded throughout the years.  Our engineers have been supporting offices running various practice management software and imaging packages such as Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Softdent, Dolphin, WinOMS, PBS Endo, Dexis, KDI, Schick and many others across all specialties.  

So since it's time to outsource, choose a team that is experienced in Dental IT.

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Just some of the dental software we have experience with:

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And more...

Stop worrying about...

Going Digital

Moving on from traditional film x-rays can seem like a daunting task.  There are a lot of costs you need to be aware of, besides the digital sensors and pan.  When a practice moves to digital, there must be a solid network foundation in place.  A solid network consists of a dedicated server, workstations that meet the specs of the digital software, certified cabling and a solid and reliable backup system.  

Don't forget.  If you want to go digital, you need the proper infrastructure in place first.

Don't forget.  If you want to go digital, you need the proper infrastructure in place first.

Before purchasing your sensors or a digital pan, make sure:

  • your practice management software is compatible with the digital imaging software
  • your existing server and workstations meet the system requirements of the digital imaging software
  • your backup solution is solid
  • your network cabling meets the system requirements

Not sure about all of this?  Let us know and we will perform a Network Assessment so you know exactly what is in place, what computers can stay and what computers need to go.  

Phoenix Systems has planned, installed and maintained our computer systems for years. Not once have I considered trying anyone else. There’s no need when you already have the best
— Dr. Samuel Lievano, DDS Washington, D.C.

New Office or Remodeling

Our team has become the trusted resource of Dental Contractors.

Our team has become the trusted resource of Dental Contractors.

So you have decided to make the leap and make of go of it on your own.  Congratulations!  Opening a new practice is an exciting time filled with business plans, marketing strategies, and HR items.  The last thing you need to worry about is the IT side.  Our team has been part of office build outs since 1998 and has worked with most Dental IT construction companies.  We will handle the network planning, cabling, hardware procurement and installation.  Our project managers will attend the on-site meetings, coordinate with the equipment and cabinetry vendors on hardware locations and make sure all of the conduits are in place to keep the wires out of sight.   

 Our team will handle:

  • Network design and cabling

  • Hardware recommendations and procurement

  • Installation of all hardware 

  • In-ceiling stereo system

  • Installation of most software packages


Cloud Backup

As a trusted resource, most practices ask us about backup solutions.  When looking at a backup solution, there are three questions practices should know the answers to.

What data is being backed up?

What data is not being backed up?

How long will it take to recover the data if a system failure occurs?

Photo by -Dant-/iStock / Getty Images

Now a days, the most comprehensive solution is a Cloud Backup solution.  This type of solution allows for a system image to be taken every hour and stored locally.  Once it is stored locally, that image is sent to the cloud through a secured connection.  In the event of a system failure, your options for recovery are much quicker than the traditional external hard drive/ file based backup systems.  

 Highlights of our backup solution include:

  • System image taken and stored every hour
  • Duplicate image stored in the cloud
  • Constant monitoring
  • Ability to recover image in less than 20 minutes
  • Ability to read/ write image during a system failure


Constant Support

You and your staff are busy.  Busy providing dental care.  Busy making and managing patient appointments.  Busy handling the everyday items needed in order to keep your practice running smoothly.  Now think about what happens if your computer network has an issue.  Can't open your appointment book?  Can't pull up a patient chart?  Can't take or view an x-ray?  What do you do then?  

Your staff members are not IT specialists.

Your staff members are not IT specialists.

The last thing you want to do is have one of your valued employees spend hours trying to resolve the issue.  Instead, have a Dental IT professional handle it.  Our team has developed a support solution that allows you to keep your network functioning at a high level and your costs low.  By implementing a Managed Services solution, your practice will be able to receive all of the benefits listed below.

  • Predictable support cost
  • 24/ 7 monitoring of your system
  • Access to engineers trained in dental applications
  • 1 hour response time for a down server
  • Consultation on implementing new technology

It's time to outsource your IT and get back to focusing on patients.



HIPAA Compliance Concerns?

The hot button issue today is HIPAA compliance.  What does it mean to you and your practice?  Visit our HIPAA page to learn more!



Endorsements & Partnerships

Our team has been focusing on providing IT support to dental practices since 1998.  We have learned the ins and outs of the various software packages, the configuration and system requirements for digital imaging and the HIPAA guidelines that need to be implemented.  Because of this in depth knowledge and the high level of customer service, Phoenix Systems has earned the endorsement of the Maryland State Dental Association.  We are very proud of this accomplishment!




Dental Integrators Association is a group of like minded Dental IT support companies across the country.  They have established a set of high standards that help guarantee the solutions and support a practice receives.  The group also provides a resource to its members that allows for a large knowledge base to be developed and shared.  This allows its members to find the answers and solutions to those issues that seem to never get resolved.  We have been a member of the DIA since 2011.